English 112 Literature Review Paper

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English 112 Literature Review Paper
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This module will introduce you to research by showing you the importance of understanding the academic conversation already in place on a topic and how literature reviews can help you discover this conversation. This is in APA format

For the literature review, you just want to review the literature and research that is available on a specific topic. Attached on another document are possible topics to think about. If you like one of the topics, you can do your literature review on the research available, and then you can create your own claim and thoughts on the topic in the next module (memo and researched paper). Any graphics, tables, charts, the references page, the title page, etc. are not counted in the 5 pages. The paper must be at least 5 full pages OF TEXT in length, PLUS THE TITLE PAGE, REFERENCES PAGE, GRAPHIC.

Attached below are the approved topics to choose from. Must be original and no plagiarism.


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