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English 120 | Get Quick Solution
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https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jwjGZoiuc5uapD… – Link to outline that’s due Oct 4

For this assignment, write an essay which answers the question, “Has the single story of women changed since presuffrage (Stanton’s time)? Why or why not?”Explore the roles of women that are present in our unit’s texts, and make an argument for how/if women’s roles have changed and if/how women’s rights have now been granted. Use our AT LEAST 3of our course readings as the foundation for your evidence, but you may also bring in current events to bolster your discussion.

Texts from our unit that you can use in your essay:

-Stantons The Declarations of Sentiments and Resolutions

The Womens Suffrage videoin Module 5

The Gender Pay Gap article in Module 5Kindlons The Descent of Men

Leadership Gap article in Module 6

Kamala Harris video in Module 6

Aidchies We Should All Be FeministsTedTalk in Module 6

Oprah Winfrey video in Module 6


Incorporates at least 3 of our unit’s readings MLA format.

12point font, Times New Roman.

A creative title that hints at the subject matter.

Concrete evidence from at least three sources.

Indicate a clear focus in a wellwritten thesis statement and stay focused throughout the essay.

Organizing Principle.

Essay due Oct 7


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