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English 160 class Reading Response | Get Quick Solution
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Part II Reading Response (15%): You read Jo Ann Oravec’s “Blending by Blogging: Weblogs in Blended Learning Initiatives” and understand the reading. Then you need to provide the reader with necessary background information of the reading such as author(s), the title of the reading article, the main idea or thesis through a summary. Given your classmates and instructor all read the article, you may assume the reader has already read the text. Thus, do not summarize the contents of the text at length. Next, you write your response to the reading by clearly explaining and supporting your reactions or opinions (e.g., why you agree/disagree/partially agree with the author, why you like/dislike the reading, critique the reading/good or bad). There is no right or wrong answer to a reading response; your support to your response or opinion using the evidence from the reading and outside sources justifies the usefulness, convince and/or persuasion of your response


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