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english Discussion | Get Quick Solution
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This week I m asking that you simply, write a brief story, no more than 250 words, about the strangest thing you have ever seen. You can write about anything weird, supernatural, or coincidental that you have experienced. Unlike your discussion posts in the past weeks, this will not be graded: it will be marked “complete” or “incomplete.” You can start your short essay by pressing the “Reply” button and typing in the text box that appears.

I am not looking for perfection here; this doesn’t need to be a well-organized essay, and it doesn’t even need to be finished. In fact, once you get to 250 words, feel free to stop. As you write, do not consult a dictionary or thesaurus or any writing help. What I am really looking for is the unaided quality of your individual sentences. However, I do want you to try to write the best sentences you can.

Have fun with this short essay, and and comment on 2 other classmates posts. I guarantee that you will read some interesting stories.


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