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English grammar and Essay | Get Quick Solution
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  • Part 1: Grammar and mechanics
  • Part 2: Essay construction

exams in process

Here are the topics for each question (for your studying purposes):

  1. Forming contractions
  2. Apostrophes
  3. Parallel construction
  4. Prepositional phrases
  5. Subject verb agreement
  6. Joining sentences
  7. Subject verb agreement
  8. Subject verb agreement
  9. Indefinite pronouns
  10. Sentence fragments
  11. Identifying and repairing errors
  12. Defining paragraph structure
  13. Topic sentences
  14. Topic sentences
  15. Thesis statement and paragraph construction

You will have 2.5 hours to complete this exam. Grading will be done manually after the exam closes.

Attempts allowed: 1

( 2 ) Format: 750 words, Times New Roman 12pt, double-spaced, .doc file. APA format

Due: June 25 (end of week 8)

Essay 3 will be a revision of either Essay 1 or 2. Revisions should be substantial – not only should you expand on what you have already written, you should add new content as needed. Essays without major edits will not be accepted.

Steps for Writing:

To complete this assignment, you will need to review the comments I’ve left on your paper. If you are unsure of how to do this, please review this document: Turnitin Student Guide

You will also need to submit your final paper to the OWL. This portion of the assignment will be worth 10 points. On the OWL submission form (available here) make sure you enter my email address (nwilliamsmunger@ggu.edu) so I receive a record of your submission from the tutor. You should submit your draft for review of Grammar and Mechanics or Organization and Development (or both), but not for APA Documentation for credit. (You can additionally submit for APA if you like but there will not be much tutor feedback since these are not research papers.)

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