English paper on james baldwin book another country | Get Quick Solution

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English paper on james baldwin book another country | Get Quick Solution
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I will provide you with access to the book and a link of a video you will need to watch! I WILL TIP VERY GENEROUSLY!! below is what the paper is on

A work of literature comes from an author’s imagination, but the author came from a particular time and place. The work of literature can be said to reflect the time and place in which it was written, and it may also reflect the author’s own experience.

Given this premise, how does the story of Rufus in Another Country reflect James Baldwin’s biography and the larger picture of America in the civil rights era? To learn about Baldwin and American race relations when Another Country takes place (which may resemble, or have reverberations, in today’s world), use the information found in the documentary The Price of the Ticket.

For your first essay assignment in this class, write a 2-3 page (500-750 word) essay that analyzes the first 127 pages of Another Country in James Baldwin’s cultural and historical context.

Write your paper on a separate document, and upload it here.

Follow the outline below (this is how I will grade you).

Paragraph 1: Introduction. Introduce your subject matter. In this case, your subject is the book Another Country, the documentary The Price of the Ticket, and their articulations of race relations in New York City during the middle of the 20th century.

Your thesis statement should emphasize what cultural and historical realities, including those seen in the biography of James Baldwin, gave shape to the story Baldwin tells in Another Country.

Paragraph 2: cultural and historical context. The second paragraph of your essay should summarize the historical and cultural realities of Baldwin’s time and place. You can also discuss what you learn about the particular biography of James Baldwin. DO NOT talk about the fictitious novel Another Country in this paragraph. Instead, talk about New York and/or the United States during the middle of the 20th century, and talk about the story of James Baldwin. You may use other sources of information here, but your primary source of information is the documentary film The Price of the Ticket.

Paragraphs 3, 4, 5– as many as needed. Now turn your attention to Another Country. Be specific and quote frequently from Baldwin’s text to show how it reflects the cultural and historical realities, and/or Baldwin’s biography, articulated in your paragraph #2. Think about specific scenes in the book, specific actions the characters make, and specific statements they make. Think about what the narrator of the book says about what the characters are thinking, and why. Quote and explain, quote and explain, and quote and explain again moments in the book that address race relations.

Conclusion. Wrap up your main points and re-state your thesis. You may also speculate here on how you think race relations have changed — and how they have not — in the country we live in today. Do we live in “another country” in today’s world, or does Rufus still walk among us, or within us?

this is the link you will need to watch the video! i’ll send it to you again too!



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