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1.) Now that you have your research topic, you need to create a research question, something you would like to answer. For example, if your topic is systemic racism, your question could be: How are colleges and universities contributing to systemic racism? OR What are colleges and universities doing to curb racist policies?

Once you have decided upon your question state it.

2.) Find 3 peer-reviewed articles that help provide you information about the topic and are helping you answer your question. The articles must provide different perspectives on the topic. However, some the information they address may be similar in ways but not completely or mostly similar.

Once you have found your 3 peer-reviewed articles, cite them using either APA or MLA. There are resources available in Module 3 to help you cite your sources.


The topic I choose to discuss is about electric cars.

I choose this topic because electric cars are more environmentally friendly, efficient, and economical. Electric cars emit 50 percent less carbon dioxide emissions, which is beneficial for the environment (Fuel Economy). Electric cars are more efficient because of the electric-powered motors that generate motion three times better than a gas utilizing- vehicle (Fuel Economy). Although electric cars are costly to buy, they are more affordable to power up, and because of its minimal maintenance than conventional diesel and petroleum-based cars (U.S. News & World Report).


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