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Environmental Worldviews | Get Quick Solution
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It has been suggested that as society has modernized humans have developed more of an anthropogenic worldview in which our sense of our connectedness to the Earth has diminished.Other evidence indicates that humans are becoming more appreciative of the ways in which our own well-being and survival is integrally linked with that of the planet.In reality many environmental worldviews exist that reflect the different backgrounds, beliefs and values that people hold.


In this activity you are asked to reflect on your own worldview in relation to some of the ideas introduced in the textbook and in this week’s lecture. The diagrams below represent some of these ideas and you should refer to these perspectives in answering the following questions.

In your personal reflections’ summary make sure you address all of the following questions and refer to the materials above. Your submission should be 300-400 words.

  • How do your own views relate to the worldviews we have discussed?
  • Do you relate strongly to one specific view or to multiple views?
  • Which worldviews are more difficult for you to agree with and why?
  • What factors have influenced your environmental worldview? *
  • Which key events (past or present) have caused your worldview to shift?

* You might think here about your family background, personal experiences, cultural beliefs, social interactions, encounters with local environmental issues, etc.


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