Essay 4: Prompt and Sample Essays | Get Quick Solution

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Essay 4: Prompt and Sample Essays | Get Quick Solution
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Essay 4: Prompt and Sample Essays

This week we are starting work on Essay 4. Below is both the prompt and student sample essays for Essay 4. If you have questions, please ask.

Choice A:

First, here is a video that you may find helpful or illuminating for this topic. Please watch. You may decide to use this video as one of your outside sources for the project. This is Charlamagne Tha God with Trevor Noah on The Daily Show.

If you have chosen the mental health and masculinity option, the first thing you will want to do is focus on one topic within the readings that interested you to develop you research question(s). If you need help crafting a research question, please refer to the following documents: Develop_a_Research_Question.pdf. and Strategies for Narrowing a Research Question.pdf

Essay 4: Outside Sources

The following are outside sources that I have put together if you are having trouble finding appropriate sources to use for Essay 4.

Remember if you do use one or more of these outside sources, you must complete an academic summary for it.

Choice A (Mental Health/Masculinity):

Once you have decided on a research question, then you need to pick your anchor text. Your anchor text can be one of the three readings, you had for this assignment, or it can be one you have found in your research.

After you have selected your anchor text, please read through the Essay prompt.

Essay 4 Prompt Mental Health Synthesis S2019 WEB.pdf

If you are stuck about what sort of things you should go over with a tutor about your draft, here are some options of what to discuss. Remember that your session with a tutor is only 30 minutes, so you might not be able to get through this entire list. My suggestion would be to focus on three or four to take with you to your tutoring session.

  1. What is the writer’s thesis? (For Choice B: Is the thesis an argument on whether they agree or don’t agree with Cohen that his theses are a valid way to look at society?)
  2. Choice B: Does the writer have three monsters (the same three or three different)?
  3. Choice B: Is it evident that they have chosen at least one of Cohen’s theses? Is the second paragraph a lit review of the theses they are using from Cohen?
  4. Does the writer catch your attention in the introduction? Does he or she provide enough background information to give you a sense topic and their attitude on the topic they will talk about?
  5. Does every body paragraph have a topic sentence naming a specific point about their topic?
  6. Does the author include a literature review of their anchor text (either Cohen or focus text on mental health/masculinity)?
  7. Does each body paragraph have evidence from the text? Does each piece of evidence from the text have explanation of how that text supports their main point of the paragraph?
  8. Does the author use three outside sources? Are they apparent? Does the author include an academic summary the first time they mention an outside source?
  9. Does the writer restate the thesis in the concluding paragraph? Is there a final thought? Does it give a feeling of completion to the essay?
  10. Does the writer use transitions between paragraphs and between pieces of evidence? What transitions can be improved?
  11. Does the writer demonstrate strong sentence style? Are all of the sentence elements we have learned so far incorporated into the writing? Please underline the sentences that you especially like. Why do you like those sentences
  12. Do they have a creative title?


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