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Essay 750 words | Get Quick Solution
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Do NOT number your answers to the three writing tasks below as 1, 2 and 3; combine them into a coherent essay of 750 words (3 pages), and meet these English 101 Essay Requirements.

1. HERE are two drafts of an essay that West Los Angeles College student Javon Johnson wrote. Read them. Then, compare Javon Johnson’s Draft 1 with his Draft 2, and contend (argue) that Draft 1 is better than Draft 2 or vice versa. In the process, explain whether Draft 1 and 2 differ more in content (what Javon writes about) or structure (how Javon organizes his thoughts).

2. To help you to support your thesis (your overall opinion about this essay topic), describe three transitions that Javon uses: a word, phrase, sentence, or paragraph that helps “connect” Javon’s thoughts in his essay.

HELP: Exercise 1 essay in Chapter 1 of THIS LITTLE BOOK About How to Write a College-Level Essay.

3. In your conclusion, compare Javon’s progress as a writer with your own. Hm. Does Javon’s progress teach you that you can “grow” your writing ability? Are you a student with what Stanford psychologist Carol S. Dweck would term a “growth mindset”: “[You] don’t necessarily believe that everyone has the same abilities or that anyone can be as smart as Einstein, but … [you] do believe that everyone can improve their abilities” by working hard? (“Brainology,” 2008)


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