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Did “democracy” progress or decline between 1865 to the 1930s?That is, did the U.S. become more socially tolerant and politically inclusive?How or how not?Provide 1-2 examples from two time periods.Define democracy in your own terms in your introduction.Time periods allowed: Reconstruction, Populism, Progressivism, 1920s, 1930s

Essay must include an introduction and conclusion (3 sentences minimum), plus three main body paragraphs. Students can include information from lecture, discussion board readings/videos, and the eBook. Do NOT use any outside sources, Wikipedia, Google, etc., only the sources from class! No extra points for answering more than one essay prompt. The essay will be checked for plagiarism (i.e. cheating) using Cases of plagiarism may result in a minimum of zero points for this portion of the midterm. Provide simple citations (parenthetical), for example: (Lecture), (Discussion Board), or (eBook p. 50). You will need to upload your essay to the provided link on Canvas as a PDF or Word Doc, you can convert to either format from Google Docs or Pages. Here are instructions on how to convert to proper format: (Links to an external site.) (Google Doc to Word/PDF) or (Links to an external site.) (Pages to Word/PDF). The essay will be DUE on Thursday, October 8 by 11:59pm. NO late submissions will be accepted; however, students can submit the essay early.


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