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Essays And Reflections | Get Quick Solution
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and 1989: Democratic Revolutions at Cold War’s End: A Brief History with Documents.

Please write essays on THREE of the topics below. Each essay should include about five paragraphs of writing and also include at least two pictures. For each essay, please include observations on at least one related primary source document in the “Competing Perspectives” sections in your textbook.

In each essay, include material from various societies and various time periods we have covered. Think of something early in the course, something near the middle of the course, and something we recently covered. You may use any part of our textbook and you may also use the 1989 book.

  • Economic Development. Explain how various societies were shaped by economic forces. Please pay special attention to how industrialization has affected societies outside of Europe and the U.S. What can we learn from the experiences in various societies?
  • Imperialism. Describe some of the impacts of imperialism in three parts of the world, such as Africa, India, and Latin America. Also, explain how the societies have developed in more recent times, since becoming independent.
  • Artistic Expression. Discuss how cultural developments are reflected in forms of artistic expression such as painting, architecture, music, drama, and literature. Compare examples from cultures in at least three different parts of the world.
  • Women. Explain some of the changes you see in the role of women in various societies. Describe developments from various time periods to show change or continuity. How do changes in the role of women relate to other developments in the societies?
  • Religion. Discuss two religions, such as Islam and Christianity, in relation to world events since 1000 CE. How do you see these religions helping shape the history we have studied? What have you learned about the connection between religion and other aspects of the societies?
  • Political Visions. Discuss two or three major political ideas that we have covered in this class, such as Democracy, Liberalism, Nationalism, Socialism and Communism. Discuss developments in at least three different parts of the world. What can we learn from these experiences?
  • Global Challenges. What can we learn from history that could help us address problems in our world today, such as violence, poverty, and climate change? Discuss one or two problems you see today. Use specific examples from various parts of our book to shed light on the issues.


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