Ethics in the News Analysis

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Ethics in the News Analysis
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Must be 3 pages long written in essay for with an introduction, body, and conclusion. Must include philosophical theories.


1) Your job is to pay attention to the local and/or national news and to identify current ethics issues that you find compelling and interesting.

2) Pick one news story and offer a detailed and clear presentation of the moral problem the story raises and any relevant facts of details necessary for understanding the ethical issue.

3) Identify the stakeholders (who or what you issue affects, e.g. children, women, the environment, immigrants etc.)

4) Do your best to present clear arguments for both sides of the moral issue.

5) Finally, take a position and present an argument to support your view.

6) Include a link to the news source so I can read the full story.

7) Pick a topic that has moral issues and not just legal issues for our consideration.


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