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Evaluating sustainable development goals | Get Quick Solution
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Overview: The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were agreed by 193 countries at the UN Summit in 2015 as part of the commitment towards the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Each country faces specific challenges in pursuit of these sustainable development objectives. The aim is to guide Member States to achieve inclusive, people-centred and partnership-based sustainable development. The 17 goals cover a wide range of sustainability issues encompassing social, economic and environmental goals. Many of these goals are interconnected. For example, achieving Goal #6 Clean Water and Sanitation is dependent upon Goal #1 No Poverty, as a lack of financial resources can impede access to a clean, safe water supply. For each goal there are key targets and indicators of progress.

Learning objectives: Upon completion of this activity you will have: • Expanded your knowledge of environment-related sustainability goals; • Recognised linkages between environmental goals and social/ economic ones; • Explored country-specific challenges in meeting the SDGs • Compared experiences in sustainable development progress across nations • Reflected upon the challenges in meeting the SDGs

Instructions Before completing this activity, you should review the step-by-step instructions in Lecture 1b Pathways to Sustainability. 1. Go to the UN Sustainable Development Goals website and select one of the environmentrelated goals (e.g. related to energy, water, land, climate) that you would like to explore further. Click on your goal and review the summary facts and key targets related to this SDG. Weblink: https://www.un.org/sustainabledevelopment/sustaina… 2. Next go to the Sustainable Development Reports Dashboard website, which maps progress towards the SDGs globally and in individual countries: https://dashboards.sdgindex.org/#/ Click on the interactive map feature and then select your SDG from the side profile to bring up a global map of progress towards that goal. 3. Select Canada by clicking on the map and review the progress towards the different indicators for your goal that appears to the left of the screen. This will show how the country is progressing towards different targets associated with the goal (e.g. goal achieved, moderate or major challenges remaining) and the trend towards the goal (e.g. on track, stagnating, score decreasing) Make a note of the key trends with regard to the Canada indicators for your goal. You should review at least 3 of the indicators shown. 4. Next select another country of your choice that appears to be at a different stage of development towards your selected SDG. You will need to go back to step 2 to identify another country and then repeat the process followed in step 3 for this country, making a note of key
GEOG 101 Environmental Geography

trends in respect of the same indicators you have reviewed for Canada. It may help in writing your report if you have some background knowledge of the country you select. 5. Write a 400-500 word summary that compares the progress towards your selected SDG in Canada and in the other country that you have selected. You should explain key areas of progress towards the goal, targets that appear harder to achieve in each geographic setting. For a more detailed description of each target indicator see the “tips” in the Lecture 1b recording. Describe any findings about the countries that are unexpected and explore this issue in more depth to reflect on why you think the noted trends exist. For example, you might reflect on the underlying social, economic or environmental factors that might explain the trends shown by undertaking some further research on the two countries you are comparing. 6. Submit your SDG summary report (400-500 words, single-spaced) by the submission date posted on eLearn. You may submit either in Word or PDF format.


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