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You will look back over all your journal posts to analyze them to see what common

themes or interesting information you can find.

You want to make sure you are not just reporting number counts, but that you have a

strong thesis that makes a claim about new information you discovered from reviewing

and analyzing the posts.

Once you have your thesis, you will then spend the rest of your memo proving that

claim with other claims and specific examples. These specific examples may be in the

form of tables of number counts or quotes of parts of posts.

The memo should be 1,000 words and 2 pages, Garamond, 11point, not including images.

For the Deliverable

Refer to the Format and Language file for more information. Your document must be a

minimum of 1,000 word minimum, single spaced, Garamond, 11point, formatted as a




For print documents, this means a minimum of 2 complete pages not

including visuals (even if the 1,000-word mark is made before the 2-page


for handing in electronic work, you can check this by printing out the work or


looking at Print Preview for the 2-page minimum as well as the Review and Word

Count for the word count.


You will turn in the document electronically, so save the file as

yourfirstinitiallastnameFinal.doc (you do not have to write “.doc”; the program

will save it for you. I did so to indicate that I want it save as a doc file. So, if

I were to write this project then I would save it as EPassFinal.doc.

Grading Criteria

The general grading criteria that apply to all projects are as follows:

Accuracy of information presented

Thoroughness/specificity of information presented

Thoughtfulness in analysis of gathered data

Clarity of presentation

Accessibility of document

Correctness of format, syntax, and grammar

The specific grading criteria that apply to this project are as follows:

Effective introduction that centers the reader

Specific thesis that covers the main point of the document and give new information

Forecasting statement presenting the landmarks of the document

Specific examples that elucidate the claims

Minimum of 1,000 words, single spaced, Garamond, 11 point

Minimum of 1 level heading

Name file correctly

Correctness of format, syntax, and grammar.


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