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Everything is there
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Write an essay that performs a close reading of one poem or compares and contrasts two poems. Support your explication using logical reasoning and relevant quotations from the poem you have chosen.

1. Do NOT use outside sources for this essay. Your analysis should be entirely in your own words based on your interpretation of the poem and class discussion.

2. Your essay MUST conform to MLA format:

a. Poetry quotations MUST follow MLA short or long quotation format as appropriate.

b. Include an MLA-formatted Works Cited page listing the poem(s) you analyze in your essay.

3. Include a copy of the poem on a new page following the Works Cited page (i.e. the last page of your essay.

4. Essay length: 4-5 pages (1000-1250 words, double spaced, 1” inch margins, 12 pt. Times New Roman font)


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