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everything you need to know is in the requirements | Get Quick Solution
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Project 2 Cover Letter for Job Application (20%)


You will use the same job for the Cover Letter that you used for the

Resume. Be sure you have saved/downloaded/copied the entire job ad and URL. If

the advertisement is in print form then scan it and save the original as a PDF

doc. You will

need to turn in the job ad with Project 3 (as well as this one), not just the

URL. There is a good

chance that the URL will disappear before you finish your projects and you

want to make

sure you have the entire ad.

You will find a job ad or internship that you are currently qualified for and apply

to it (you don’t actually have to apply to it, but this project and the next project

will be based on the job ad or internship ad you select so you must be qualified for

it). You will need to include your ad with your project when you turn it in.

Because you will be doing the cover letter and resume for the same position, you

should design a heading (letterhead) for the cover letter that you also use for the


You will write persuasively to the person/organization to secure an interview. Be

sure to indicate that you are enclosing a resume (you may also link any appropriate

social media (LinkedIn) or portfolios). The cover letter will be formatted as either


a block left or modified block (see Format and Language doc) MSWord doc, no longer

than one page, Garamond, 11 point.


You will turn in the document electronically, so save the file as

yourfirstinitiallastnameProj2.pdf (you do not have to write “.pdf”; the program

will save it for you. I did so to indicate that I want it save as a pdf file. So, if

I were to write this project then I would save it as EPassProj2.pdf. Saving it as a

pdf ensures that the formatting stays as you intend it.

Grading Criteria

The general grading criteria that apply to all projects are as follows:

Accuracy of information presented

Thoroughness/specificity of information presented

Thoughtfulness in analysis of gathered data

Clarity of presentation

Accessibility of document

Correctness of format, syntax, and grammar

The specific grading criteria that apply to this project are as follows:

Correct name and title in address

Specific name in salutation or RE instead of salutation

Persuasive “hook” that sets up the structure of the letter

Specific name of job applying for

Benefits to the employer

Effective claims and specific supports for those claims

Persuasive and professional tone

Contact info (at least email) in last paragraph

Request for an interview and a “will call” date (unless your job ad specifically says

not to contact company)

Correct format

Design in the letterhead/logo that is aesthetically persuasive and effective

Maximum 1 page

File is a pdf

Name file correctly

Include permission statement and job ad (not just URL) after a page break


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