Extra Credit Journal Essay – 2 – SYG 2010

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Extra Credit Journal Essay – 2 – SYG 2010
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Please submit your extra credit journal assignment here. Journal essays must include a full summary of the entire journal article chosen as well as your reaction to the article to receive full credit. Journal articles for this assignment can be found in the “Extra Credit Items” folder under Extra Credit Journals. No other articles will be accepted.

Journal essays must be at least three pages and not more than five pages. To count as a page for the last page the page must be half full of text. Extra spaces between the paragraphs are not an acceptable way to fill the space. If your word processing program does not allow you delete the extra spaces then you will need to add more words to compensate.

They must be type written and follow proper grammar, punctuation, spelling and citations. If you need help with any of these things please let me know. Your submission must be an attachment to this assignment folder to receive credit.

This assignment is worth up to 10 points.


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