​FAMILY CULTURE ANALYSIS (Individual’s understanding of diversity and difference) | Get Quick Solution

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​FAMILY CULTURE ANALYSIS (Individual’s understanding of diversity and difference) | Get Quick Solution
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This journal focuses on how family relationships and environments shape an individual’s understanding of diversity and difference. Students will interview one or two family members to explore one dimension of difference from the course content. For the purpose of this assignment, family can be broadly defined to include kin and extended kin relations, adopted family, care takers, as well as “found” family who have been instrumental in shaping your awareness of who you are and how you interpret the world. The journal is also meant to help students become more comfortable with the process of interviewing to obtain information about dimensions of difference.

Pre-interview process:

  • Select one dimension of difference that has been significantly shaped by familial interactions.
    • For example: the assignment can focus on understanding race/culture/ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or even basic understanding of privilege and oppression, etc.
  • Select one or two family members to interview from your family system and craft a series of interview questions (open ended, with prompts included) which are intended to explore the dimension of difference selected in relation to the family’s culture. Interview questions should be submitted as an attachment to the assignment (not counted in the 4-5 page limit).

Journal prompts:

  • Introduction – identify the dimension of difference selected; the family member(s) interviewed, noting the person’s relationship to you; and provide a rationale for both selections.
  • Report – synthesize the interviewees responses to the questions crafted.
    • For example: what are the interviewee’s perspectives, experiences, biases (both for and or against)? How has the interviewee’s perspective shaped your own thought? Please do not provide a transcript of the interview, but rather highlight themes or trends and discuss whether they were anticipated, in accord with class readings, etc. as appropriate.
  • Reflection – consider how the values transmitted from this family member will influence your ability to work with clients whose values, beliefs, and experiences are discernably different from yours. Additionally, reflect on anything you learned about yourself and your cultural identity by talking to this individual(s). (FOCUS)
  • Attach – attach the list of interview questions noting which were used and any that were extemporaneous (if applicable).


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