Family Dynamicsin Substance Abuse | Get Quick Solution

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Family Dynamicsin Substance Abuse | Get Quick Solution
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Week Two Devotional

Let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak.

James 1:19 (ESV)

Have you ever heard the rhetorical question “Why do you think God gave us two ears but only one mouth?”

Scripture shows us that our natural inclination is to start talking. Further sections of James shows us how hard it is to control the tongue. Maybe we’re uncomfortable with the subject or perhaps we want our own story to be told, but usually it’s a selfish reason that prompts us to talk much before listening much. Listening to another requires self-control, but it is showing love for another. Situations will be different, but all need to begin with a lot of listening. Perhaps the greater need is to feel significance and empathy or to realize that perhaps the one in need processes his or her own problems by talking through them. Sometimes, the client knows what he or she needs and just needs guidance to get there.

Week Two Introduction

Motivational interviewing is regarded as an evidence-based, empirically-validated treatment strategy. In this week’s course materials, we’ll review and discuss some of the main components of motivational interviewing, including how it integrates with Scripture.

Learning Activity #1: Week Two Devotion

Prepare to discuss the devotional provided above with your colleagues.Objective 1: Identify how the components of autonomy, collaboration, and evocation are particularly important when working with adolescents and young adults.

During adolescence, there are significant developmental factors in play. Motivational Interviewing proposes that therapy aimed at this age group should contain three specific themes: Autonomy, Collaboration, and Evocation (ACE).

Learning Activity #4: Responding to Resistance Discussion

  • Reach Chapter 5 in your textbook by Naar-King & Suarez.
  • Prepare to share in discussion the following points.
    • List and summarize in your words each of the seven therapeutically-appropriate responses to resistance.
    • Select one of the seven responses. Create a scenario and write up how you’d use that response to effectively address resistance in a counseling session.

Objective 4: Identify relevant New Testament passages in which strategies consistent with motivational interviewing are employed.

Christian providers are often drawn to motivational interviewing strategies because they see parallels between these concepts and the strategies employed by Jesus Himself.


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