Family Focused Session mft

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Family Focused Session mft
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These are two different questions and should be answered separately with a minimum of 200 words each, and each must include 1 in text cite. Please use reading attached to answer questions

Question 1-Reading attached

Let’s discuss chapter 9 in Taffel, R. (2014). Breaking Through to Teens. Starting on page 216, he outlines the goals you should have for the family focused session. He spends the rest of the chapter discussing these points as well as what else may come up in the session.

Please elaborate on the steps he suggests in preparation for the family focused sessions, the goal of the family focused session, and what he states to look out for in these sessions.

Question 2 Video Transcript is second attachment

After reviewing the video please answer the following questions on how the therapist was engaging during the therapy session

How do you see the parents viewing the daughter?

How does the therapist join with the family?

How is the daughter engaged in the therapy?

How does the therapist help this family communicate?


In preparation for the family focused session, Taffel (2014) suggests outlining the goals for the session beforehand. He recommends setting specific goals for the session, such as addressing a specific behavior or problem, and focusing on one goal at a time. Taffel also suggests conducting a family assessment beforehand in order to gather information about the family’s history, dynamics, and individual family member’s strengths and weaknesses. The goal of the family focused session is to help the family identify and address problems, improve communication and problem-solving skills, and enhance family functioning.

During the session, Taffel advises therapists to pay attention to the family’s communication patterns and to identify any blocks or barriers to communication. He also suggests looking out for any power struggles or negative patterns in the family’s interactions, as well as any individual family member’s defense mechanisms or avoidance strategies. Taffel recommends using a range of therapeutic techniques, such as reflective listening and reframing, to help the family work through these issues and improve their communication and problem-solving skills……….


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