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feedback post | Get Quick Solution
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# Just tell them waht do you think about their topic. 5-6 sentence for each feedback.


For my hook for my informative speech I was thinking something around the lines of “Hello everyone, what is a topic that no matter what age someone is at it seems hard to talk about? The answer is suicide, specifically we are going to talk about suicide awareness.”

I think this could be a good hook because I feel like a question like that could grab the audiences attention because I feel like it would grab my attention for sure. I also feel like because this is not an easy topic for some people to talk about starting off that can grab their attention and also ease into the conversation / speech. Of course I would love some feedback on ways you guys think I could fix it or make it better or if I should leave it like that!


For my Hook:

I’ve always had trouble regulating my own emotions. While I took an A&P class a couple years ago, I learned about the endocrine system-which is our hormones, nervous systems and the anatomy of how our body interacts with itself to maintain homeostasis or also known as staying alive. I took another bio class last year; I learned of the gut microbiome and its role within our bodies. Having the science behind why I feel certain emotions and how to help regulate them, being taught to me was incredibly interesting. So interesting that I changed my diet.

I like this hook because it personalizes my interest in the topic; passion always catches my attention. I think that explaining that I have just recently learned all of this will also encourage others to not dismiss it because they dont understand at first. We are all human and have all the same relationships with our organs. I hope to explain all of these facts in a way that I had learned. If I can learn it, anyone can!


For my hook, I am going to use “rhetorical questions” which is a strategy described by University of Minnesota Libraries Publishing (2011) in our textbook. I believe using this strategy will capture the audience’s attention by relating my topic to the audience’s experiences with my topic. The following is what I plan to say:

“Today I would like you to think about these two questions I have for you. First question: have you ever used the term “OCD” to describe a person who was a little over the top about germs and cleaning, or was bothered by something being unorganized or not in place? Second question: how many of you actually know what OCD is?”


University of Minnesota Libraries Publishing. (2011). Stand up, Speak out: The Practice and Ethics of Public Speaking.…


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