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feedback pst | Get Quick Solution
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# Just tell them waht do you think about their topic. 5-6 sentence for each feedback.

1. Five possible topics I could present on are:

The importance of music – specifically instruments that can calm the mind

The importance of basic biology as common knowledge

The importance of recognizing global warming

The importance of a healthy gut

The importance of genetic testing

I’m on the fence with all of these; as each topic is very important in their own way.

Seeing as the US has hit over 200K deaths from COVID, I’m leaning towards the importance of basic biology. Earlier this year, it seemed that the nation was torn on their decision to wear a mask. But before that, many did not think that the virus would spread like it has. In my presentation, I will explain how ridiculous those thoughts were with facts and paralleled events as one of the first reason why basic biology should be common knowledge.

On the other hand, gut health is extremely important too. Most people aren’t aware, but our mental state is highly dependent on our gut health. Various hormones control your moods, and the hormones are controlled by glands. Those glands are part of an interconnected web called your endocrine system. Your endocrine system is heavily influenced by the food you ingest and the microbes that already live in your stomach. These microbes are your gut flora and are very important, not just for your mental health, but your whole body including your immune system.

2. Here are 5 potential topics that I would be interested in using for my Informative Speech!!!

1. Impact of food consumption on the health of a human being

2. The importance of sleep for every-day living

3. Importance of a balanced diet

4. How and why exercise benefits your mood

5. The effect of the corona virus on the world’s society as a whole

I also want to keep in mind when structuring this speech:

  • Who does your topic or issue affect?
  • Why is this topic important? What are the motives behind exploring it?
  • What is the most important point or viewpoint
  • Where is the topic located, or which areas of the world does it impact?
  • When did/does this topic occur? Is timeline an important factor?

The topic I am most interested in using of the 5 potential topics I listed is the importance of a balanced diet. It fascinates me because it not only can be beneficial to giving nutrients to the body, but is a mood changer. Food is such a well rounded subject that I feel I can present several ideas and reasons to support my topic.


Global, H. H. (2020, September 7). How to Write a Reflection Paper That’s Both Insightful and Effective. Homework Help.…

3. My 5 possible topics

-Mental Health in the African American Community

-The Dangers of 5G

-The Importance of Nature vs Nurture

-Voter Registration

-Avoiding Depression

I must admit that I love each one of these topics, but I’m in between two topics. I am trying to decide between “Mental Illness in the African American Community” or “Avoiding Depression”. The mental illness one really touches home because I know so many who suffer from some type of mental health issue and they won’t get help which is what I want the audience to know. Sometimes it seems that the African American community won’t get help because there’s such a negative stigma with it or they were never taught the importance of help because it makes us vulnerable. I know other races deal with mental illness and have struggles too, but the we have a high rate of unmet needs.

Avoiding depression is a good one too because so many people suffer with depression silently. I want to share with my audience ways to avoid depression such as being active, talking with someone, staying away from toxic people and situations, lowering your stress level, and getting the appropriate sleep. I can relate to both of these topics, but as of right now I’m leaning more towards Mental Illness in the African American community.


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