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field experience | Get Quick Solution
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The assignment is for field experience with an agency that offers support to senior citizens that are on hospice. Please keep that in mind when you answer questions ,

. Respond to the following in a minimum of 275 words for questions 1 and 2: FOR QUESTION 3 175 WORDS the agency is something up base on what you would do as a human service student, most of the staff is working from home and I will be doing mostly intake)

1 Describe your agency and its clientele. What are the demographics of the client base and surrounding community? How does the location and demographics of the agency affect service delivery?

2 What legal and ethical standards does your agency practice? What are your agency’s standards regarding appropriate boundaries with clients?

3 . As you are working with your agency during this unique time, and likely facing new challenges in serving your population of clients, I’d like you to take a look at this TedTalk video on how to effectively handle change, especially unexpected change, in our lives. Please share your thoughts:


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