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Field Trip Assignment | Get Quick Solution
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A field trip is made by students to study something at first hand. For this class you may choose:

  • your own field trip to explore a service in a particular tradition other that your own,
  • to experience an a museum exhibit that reflects the art of a tradition
  • lecture that debates an issue in the philosophy of religion
  • an experience of one of the traditions, e.g., yoga, nature journey, chanting, meditation, Shabbat service, Catholic Mass
  • join with others in the class (or from your life) to experience something together

Some possibilities in the L.A. area include:

After your visit, go to the discussion thread and post 500-750 words about your experience of your field trip including the following:

  • Point 1: Description of your field trip visit and why you choose it
  • Point 2: How the field trip related to the content of philosophy of religion
  • Point 3: The impact of your visit on you personally or how it relates to a contemporary issue


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