Film & Film Music Concepts—First contribution | Get Quick Solution

I’m studying for my Film class and need an explanation.

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Film & Film Music Concepts—First contribution | Get Quick Solution
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i will give the clips to watch 12mins

After know all of the elements of music, some of the visual terminology, and theories of why film music works, apply what you’ve learned to the clip below, focus on the segment of the clip from the beginning to 7:08. How do visual elements and music work together? What is the narrative effect of the pairing of music, dialog, editing and images here? Of the theories of film music that we discussed, which one(s) do you think best explain the effects of this clip?

You may also find it useful to bring in the concept of film music topics or tropes here and they way they may connect with narrative tropes used in the clip.

you should feel free to illustrate them with images (screen-grabs), audio, or video clips. You should aim for a total of 500 words across all three contributions & you should aim to interact with each other to build an analysis as a group. Multiple perspectives are encouraged.

150-200 words, APA style and you can post the link which you use to expound as example you see


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