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Film Notes & Reflection | Get Quick Solution
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Step 1:

Complete Film notes for the film you choose. (5 points) Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules Link for the movie

Step 2: In a minimum of 500 words, address both in your paper: (5 points)

1. How were the following institutions or individuals represented in the film: (discuss at least 1 topic below using specific evidence from the film and appropriate film terms where applicable to support your argument).




Administrators, Coaches, and/or Staff

Other? (e.g., parents, community members)

Did the film reproduce any stereotypes? ™Especially in regards to representation of gender, race, class, sexuality, and/or ability? Explain.

2. Connect the film to a reading of your choice (assigned or one you find on your own)

3. How did filmmakers utilize music, setting, location, costume, color, and props in the film?


Weak evidence: The school was like a prison

Stronger evidence: The cinematography included low key lighting and close up shots of barbed wire lining the school fence giving the impression that the school was like a prison.


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