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film response | Get Quick Solution
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  1. According to the film, America’s political system was founded on farmers, but in the Gilded Age, it was becoming of a nation of what?
  2. Give some specific example of how railroads knit the entire country together.
  3. What were the five cities mentioned in the film that formally enslaved people (African Americans) migrated to?


  • Watch the film The Gilded Age
  • Answer the assessment questions for the film
  • On the right-hand side of the screen click on the icon that says “SUBMIT ASSIGNMENT”
  • Click on the tab “File Upload” to attach your documentary film assessment or click on the tab “Text Entry” if you wish to copy and paste OR write your review in the box provided.
  • Be sure to click “SUBMIT ASSIGNMENT” after you finishing uploading the document.
  • As stated in the syllabus, all assignments must be submitted in PDF or WordDoc formats. If you need help converting
  • In compliance with ADA requirements, the instructor of this course has verified the website has closed captioning on the film.
  • The Closed Captioning is available by clicking the [CC] icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the link above.


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