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Film review | Get Quick Solution
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Answer the following questions and add your personal opinion after watching the film. (The Mission)

  1. How Jesuit missions were established in Guarani territories?
  2. In which way did missions facilitate Christian conversion and fight the cultural practices of the native population?
  3. Which were the positive and negative outcomes of Father Gabriel’s mission?
  4. Which was the position of the Jesuits regarding slavery of Indians?
  5. Which concepts, ideas, or knowledge from what we have studied in class can you use to analyze/understand this film?

Requirements: All answers should be from the film itself and NOT summaries or reviews of the film. Also, the overall word count of the answers MUST be at least 600, and after achieving that word count, you can stop whenever, but still you must answer the questions, and not give half answers.

(edit: the film length is 2:05:03.)


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