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Final Paper CRJ | Get Quick Solution
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FYI: This is a very “strict” paper. You have to follow all of the instructions. I am attaching some documents.

Document 1: Professor annotated version of what I had submitted so far. I am tasking you with making the corrections he outlines in the comments. PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTOR COMMENTS COMPLETELY!!!!

Document 2: Professor created a sample paper to guide me to what he expects. It must follow all his guidelines.

Topic: Racism and Management of the Criminal Justice System (The professor suggest that I make this paper a due process paper)

Note: you cannot go outside the talking points for this paper and you cannot add any Sociology points in this paper!

The Paper has 8 sections, each with their own directions:

1. Title Page

2. Problem statement

3. Factors bearing on the problem

4. Discussion

5. Conclusion

6. Action Recommended

7. Annotated Bibliography

8. References

To be honest, this paper will decide if I can graduate with my degree. I need you to follow every direction and stay in frequent contact with me. I will check this site daily. If yo would like to be in further contact you can share your email and I will send my phone number. This paper must be perfect.

AGAIN Pease read the instructor comments, use the sample paper as a guideline, stick only to criminal justice NO sociology and let me know if you need anything from me. If something is not clear I can ask the professor.


-Each student must turn in their Administrative Position Paper on your scheduled date.

-The Administrative Position Paper must be no less than twelve (12) discussion pages but no more than sixteen (16) discussion pages in length. Margins which are too wide will reduce your page count.

-The Administrative Position Paper must be completed in Microsoft Word, typed and double spaced, using one of the Times New Roman 12 with one-inch margins. Use the same font throughout the text of the paper.

-While extensive research is not the object of the Administrative Position Paper, students shall use and list no less than fifteen (15) different scholarly reference sources, using a standard APA** format. Multiple uses of a single source reference will detract from your grade. Only one website is allowed. No news sources are acceptable.

-Students are expected to use proper grammar and punctuation.

-Proper APA -7th edition style citations must be used.

-No more than 15% percent of the paper can be QUOTED material. This paper is designed to be the author’s original work.

-All facts must be cited with an in-text citation.

-No material before 2004 is permitted.

– References

– You are not permitted to use material that is any earlier that 2004 in this paper. Information before that date may not be relevant today.

– The Administrative Position Paper Format must be followed exactly as described herein



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