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Find peer-reviewed journal Article | Get Quick Solution
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Hi, For this assignment all you need to do is completing the attached one page template by following the description below.

The Template Is attached below.

In order to complete this assignment successfully, you will need to find a peer-reviewed journal article that documents a piece of research that used statistical methods in the analysis of the study. All the elements of the description are important so let me briefly explain them:

  • Peer-reviewed – this means that others in the field have reviewed the article to assure its quality prior to it being accepted for publication.
  • Use one of the following to search for an article
  • Google Scholar
  • Scopus
  • Web of Science
  • Review the methods section to determine if statistical methods are used. Many well-written articles will identify that they are doing statistical analyses. To find the analysis in this type of paper you can search the paper with the term statistic. Additionally, if you are looking at the methods section of your study where the analysis is being done and it sounds like what they are doing is a statistical method, but not one your recognize, do a search for the term to find a definition. For an initial search for verification, a Google or Wikipedia search is adequate. Statistical methods will be outlined in the methods section, reported in the results section, and discussed in the discussion section.
  • Review article focusing on the abstract and research question to determine if you understand it or it is too technical. While it is good to stretch yourself intellectually, the intent of this assignment is not to be an expert on the research area you are reading about. If you find you do not understand the article, it is best to search again and find an article that is written in a way that you understand the topic it is presenting.


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