first one annotated bibliography second one informed argument. | Get Quick Solution

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first one annotated bibliography second one informed argument. | Get Quick Solution
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write in simple and less complicated words the two steps below:

the topic is attached below in file (student athlete ) please use the same topic and same sources. only 3 sources is needed.

Step 1: Paper 3: Annotated Bibliography:

An annotated bibliography is a fairly formal written document in which you find, assess, and reflect on each source. By doing so, you will learn more about your subject and create a useful list of sources that you may decide to incorporate into your essay. It is a great way to start a research project, and is often used as a first step. This is also good practice in MLA format, since it employs many of the formatting elements in each entry.

Writing an annotated bibliography asks you to employ several skills: using MLA format, evaluating sources, summary writing, and a bit of critique. The bibliography is a listing of the sources you consult (properly presented in MLA format), and the annotations are paragraphs telling us about the sources.For this assignment, you will be researching a goal that you think you might be interested in pursuing.That way, you will gain valuable information for your life, as well as complete an English assignment.

You are required to include THREE sources in your annotated bibliography.At least two of these must be located through the scholarly databases available through the NOVA library.

Each annotation (2 paragraphs each) will follow a summary and evaluation format.The first paragraph will be a summary of what information can be found in the source, capturing main idea and important supporting ideas.The second paragraph will include an evaluation of how valuable this source is. Consider, for example: Is it from a trustworthy source?What audience is it intended for?Is it current? Does it have an obvious bias?What are the author’s credentials? Also include how the source fits into your research.Do you think it adds something of value to your discussion?Did it offer a new perspective that you hadn’t considered on the issue? Does it bring up a counter-argument that you feel a need to refute?

Step 2: Paper 4: Informed Argument:

After your preliminary research, craft a claim that is narrow enough to develop in a fairly brief essay. Then, in approximately four typewritten pages, address this issue that relates to your goal. Realize that the goal itself, if it appears at all, will probably only serve as a brief segue into the larger issue.The paper is an argument, not a process analysis.

Remember:Your essay should have a catchy introduction with a strong claim/thesis stating your topic and a stance toward the topic. Your essay should also provide logical reasoning (avoid logical fallacies), explanations, and evidence to support your thesis. Be sure to include a paragraph or two that acknowledges and refutes the opposing viewpoint. Conclude your essay by wrapping up your ideas neatly and leaving the reader with an interesting thought or thoughts to consider.

All of this should be supported by experts who can help you to defend your points with concrete evidence. Notice, I have listed this last.The point of the paper is to give YOUR perspective on this issue, using sources to prove your point.It is not to cobble together what others have already said. In order to bolster your own point of view, you must use at least four intelligent, credible, ACADEMIC sources in order to give the reader a better understanding of the issue.(Only one of these 4 sources may be a web page; the others must be located through the NVCC library system. If you use more than four sources, you may use additional websites.)

Papers must be four to five pages (ish), typed, double spaced, and must include parenthetical documentation and a works cited list following MLA format. Remember: all direct quotes and paraphrases must be cited. Refer to materials distributed in class and available on Blackboard; consider a visit with a reference librarian or the PIER.


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