fixing my essay ASAP. | Get Quick Solution

I need help with a English question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

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fixing my essay ASAP. | Get Quick Solution
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I already made an essay with another tutor her, but she didn’t response me now and the time is over !!

there’s no time to waste , I just need someone to follow my tutor request:

* For the personal pronoun : she said delete everything about it. It is better to include two citations in each body paragraph think

*You have to say what is important you must list it and citations should be specific

*She said focus on the ((citations)), read the picture reference that I sent before, and she said we have to make sure that we do all the essay.

She focused on the 3 pages from the hand book, told me read it very well and make sure that you do all the essay don’t leave anything.

I’ll attach all paper and files latter.


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