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Forensic Sciences | Get Quick Solution
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Research Paper on an Issue of Your Choice Related to the Forensic Sciences

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There are many sub-fields that fall under the forensics umbrella, on both the field and lab sides. Are you really into K-9s? Maybe you have an interest in the opioid crisis and its impact on case loads. Forensics is such a broad field, that there is something for everyone. Unless you are focusing on the discussions we had on personnel exposure to trauma and mental well being in forensics, I would suggest avoiding forensic psychology for this paper.

Students will write a research paper to be written on an approved topic related to the forensic sciences, to be between 6 and 8 pages in length. This does not include cover page, charts, graphs, images or reference pages.

This is a research paper, not an opinion paper or a report. This means that you will use academic sources to explore an issue that has more than one facet, or ask a question that may have more than one answer, using scholarly research to craft and support your viewpoint. This means that a “how to” or historical piece is not acceptable for this assignment. Please note that sources like Wikipedia, Google,,, etc. are NOT academic sources and the use of these sources in ANY assignment will result in a dramatic point deduction.

For this assignment, select a topic and write briefly about it, why you chose it, Stuff like that


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