Formal Essay #4: Kevin Powers’ The Yellow Birds | Get Quick Solution

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Formal Essay #4: Kevin Powers’ The Yellow Birds | Get Quick Solution
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I need qualified writer. I need this paper to be clear, argumentative and plagirism-free.

I attached the rough draft I wrote ( 1 introduction and 1 body paragraph). You may continue with my draft or start your own.

I need strong and argumentative thesis, and you have to follow structure of the body paragraph as (touch stone text( the yellow birds), analysis, lens text(research), analysis and explaination.

you may use my draft and research resourses to continue (option 4) or you could start your own. But it has to be plagirism free and no grammar mistake and qualified essay. I need three body paragraph.

I need this by tomorrow night, please offer me qualified work.

If you don’t know or familiar this book, plz not bid, I don’t have time for people to read the book

5-7 pages doesn’t include citation page, citation page is also required.

If you think you are very professtional, offer me your reasonable price and I will consider it. I really need good quality, I am willing to pay for a good paper! quality>cost


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