four page essay

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four page essay
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Read two articles and then write a four pages essay

The article about the Phelps-Rpper from Chen is in the link down below:…

The article from Turkle is in the link down below:…

The question about the essay is:

To what extent do Phelps-Roper’s experiences forming relationships on the internet challenge or complicate Turkle’s view that we are retreating into “tribe[s] of one” and losing the complexity and intimacy of human relationships?

Thinking questions:

  • Why do Phelps-Roper’s views change? How does Phelps-Roper’s use of the internet resemble but also differ from the behavior Turkle observes?
  • How does Phelps-Roper’s original use of the internet for the Westboro Baptist Church mirror Turkle’s warnings? What changes?
  • What does Phelps-Roper’s experience add to our understanding of how to make our social technologies work for human relationships rather than against them?


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