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general discussion 4:1 | Get Quick Solution
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Describe one evidenced-based practice that mental health professionals use to support and address the symptoms associated with mood disorders. How does the practice you described compare with the other practices shared by classmates?

Read “Religiosity, Mood Symptoms, and Quality of Life in Bipolar Disorder” by Stroppa & Moreira-Almeida from Bipolar Disorders (2013).

Read Chapter 1 and Chapter 5 in Bipolar Disorders: A Guide to Helping Children & Adolescents by Waltz (2000).

Review “Psychopathology and Use of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders” by Cherry, Jacobs, Thornberry, and Gillaspy from Your Practicum in Psychology: A Guide for Maximizing Knowledge and Competence (2015).

Read “Older Adults’ Preferences for Religion/Spirituality in Treatment for Anxiety and Depression” by Stanley, Bush, Camp, Jameson, Phillips, Barber & Cully from Aging & Mental Health (2011).


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