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For this assignment you will be posting a general release of liability contract.

Look at the contract at (Links to an external site.) and the sample releases included therein. You can copy and paste one of the sample contracts or draft your own and post below.

Make sure that you include the waiver of a real present liability. Note, that if you are asking to be relieved of liability for an event you must include the specifics of the event; if for something that has already occurred such an auto accident or other injury then you must include as many identifiers as possible. Here is information on on what is a waiver (Links to an external site.) and sample release forms (Links to an external site.).

This assignment must be professionalism which includes making sure your Release of Liability is properly titled as such; all paragraphs align and you have proper spacing; no grammatical or spelling errors; and no extra underlines or items in parentheses. Make sure to include content of the release, including specifics of the incident which is the basis of the waiver of liability – date, time, and location; and inclusion of all required clauses and signature lines. (Note, there is not need to include spouse’s signature.)


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