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Give a clear and brief explanation | Get Quick Solution
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**Each question should not exceed 4 sentences.

1. Aristotle: What is a Virtue? Why should human being use reason in developing virtues? What is the concept of Eudaimonia? What is the Mean? How is Virtue Ethics is different than Kantian or Utilitarian Ethics. How did the film “Pleasantville” illustrate Aristotle’s theory

2. Epicurus: What is Epicurus’s basic moral principle? Why did Epicurus think that we should not fear death? Why did Epicurus think we should be satisfied with simple pleasures? What was Epicurus account of justice? What is one fundamental problem with Epicurus’s account of morality?

3. Epictetus: What is Epictetus’s basic moral principle? What are some examples of how this principle applies to life? Which aspects of life are under our control, which are not? What is our relationship to god? What is a central problem with his theory of morality?

4. Carol Gilligan: Explain Gilligan’s basic moral principle. What was her diagnosis of the problem with traditional moral philosophies? Explain her distinction between care and justice. In what way is her ethical theory personal? What’s a problem with her theory?

5. Haslanger: Explain Haslanger’s account of race. How is different from other accounts of race. Explain her view of racial identities and racial maps. How can an individual have a “mixed” racial identity.


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