Global Perspective Ethics Research Project Final Essay

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Global Perspective Ethics Research Project Final Essay
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Basic information:

  • Length of assignment: 4 to 5 pages
  • Format: Typed in MLA format


Using the earlier notes, proposal, and research, write an essay that examines a compelling ethical problem. Your response should include:

  • At least two sources that provide background information on the topic
  • At least one source that define or describe the ethical framework you use to analyze the problem (this source can be a chapter from the textbook)
  • A sustained developed argument that offers a clear, coherent position to defend
  • Sufficient, relevant evidence and valid chain of logic
  • Describing and responding to a counterargument (or if needed, an alternative proposal) that a reasonably skeptical person would think of, having read the basics of your argument
  • A Works Cited page of your sources that uses MLA Format

As always with an academic essay, take time to plan and organize your response.


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