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Globalization Paper | Get Quick Solution
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Pick a topic related to globalization that interests you. In a 250+ word paper, discuss this issue and give real world examples using the social media analysis described below.

Social Media Analysis: To explore the influence of in-group, out-group bias, we are going to conduct an analysis of social media posts highlighting public response to globalization concerns.

  • Using one or more social media of your choice, search for an article, post or meme related to an area of privacy that interests you. Examine the response posts.
  • Reflect on the findings. What do you notice? What similarities can you find? Do you notice any trends? What factors influence the results? How does the use of social media for this investigation influence your findings?

Social Media Sources: Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Tumblr, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, Reddit

*NOTE: You may choose to use COVID-19 for this assignment. If you do, narrow your topic down to one aspect rather than the whole disease.


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