Gov 2305 Discussion question | Get Quick Solution

I don’t know how to handle this History question and need guidance.

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Gov 2305 Discussion question | Get Quick Solution
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This is the question: The framers clearly envisioned a smaller role for the national government than what is presently the case. How has the economy, society and technology changed to allow or require greater national government control over the states?

Discussion requirements: make sure these points are hit if possible.

-It has to be at least 300 words

-topic exploration

(thoughtfulness, reference to class or outside materials,

imagination and critical thinking),


– address the question, problem, or situation as presented for

if you have WE the People book, he advised chapter 2 and 3 will help with understanding the scope of question if you do not understand it.

I will also need you to write two replies to my class mates posts. I will send them after you complete the discussion.


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