Government Official around 1900-1910

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Government Official around 1900-1910
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…Imagine that you are a government official around 1900-1910, tasked with reviewing a variety of police forces in the United States and Europe throughout the nineteenth century. Create a report where you evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of specific police forces, including their mission, legal basis, recruitment and training, police culture, and other factors in their successes and failures in maintaining law and order. Include your analysis of patterns you find, and remember to evaluate these forces within their specific nineteenth-century historical context.

There were several reading assignments, I will attach along with the essay format, that will help support this writing assignment.


As a government official tasked with reviewing police forces in the United States and Europe in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, I have analyzed several forces in order to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses.

One police force that I found to be particularly strong was the Metropolitan Police of London. Established in 1829, this force has a clear mission to “protect and serve” the citizens of London, and its legal basis is rooted in the Metropolitan Police Act of 1829. The recruitment and training processes for this force are rigorous, ensuring that only the most qualified and capable individuals are accepted as officers. Additionally, the culture of the Metropolitan Police emphasizes professionalism and integrity, with a strict code of conduct and disciplinary system in place to ensure that officers uphold these values.

Despite these strengths, the Metropolitan Police has faced criticism for its heavy-handed approach to policing, particularly in relation to marginalized communities. In particular, the force has been accused of using excessive force and discrimination against minority groups, leading to strained relations between the police and certain segments of the population.

Another police force that I evaluated was the New York City Police Department (NYPD). Founded in 1844, the NYPD has a similar mission to the Metropolitan Police, with a focus on maintaining law and order and protecting the citizens of New York City. However, the recruitment and training processes for this force are not as thorough as those of the Metropolitan Police, with a greater reliance on political connections and influence in the hiring process. The culture of the NYPD has also been criticized for its emphasis on aggressive policing tactics and a “macho” ethos, leading to accusations of abuse of power and corruption within the force…..


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