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Grammar check and improve please | Get Quick Solution
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i attached assignment requirement as a file. and below is my rewrite, please check and fix the grammar for me.

Good morning Ms. Beatrice

Thank you for your interest at Fabulous Party Rentals, we are here to let you know that we do have availabilities at December 19 and December 26. Based on your party size (60 people), the estimated price will be $530,below are the details listed:

For tables, if your party begins before 5 pm, the total price for tables will be $160 ( $20 per table with capacity of 8), if your party arrives after 5 pm, the total price will be $120 ($15 per table). We do recommend you to rent 3 side tables at $7 each for food and beverage. 60 chairs will be $117, and we applied 25% off for each chair exceed 50. Setting up and delivering will be a one time fee of $50, or if you spend $500 and more, we will not charge for the setting up fee.For utensils, the price will be $175.5 for 60 people, and we also applied 25% discount for the extra 10 persons. For trash recycling fees, the total price will be $30 ($15 for each 35 people) If you want to book this event with us, we will have 15% of the total price deposit. Feel free to contact me at or call (702) 777-7777

Thank you!

Jane Smith

Event Coordinator


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