Group Behavioral Analysis

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Group Behavioral Analysis
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Students analyze behavior problems and guidance approaches in a setting in which they know the children.

Course Objectives

  • Describe how the principles of child growth and development serve as a foundation for working effectively in guiding and shaping the behaviors of young children.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of cultural approaches to child guidance.
  • Identify possible program adaptations to provide an appropriate program for all children, regardless of needs and abilities.
  • Directions for Completion:

    1) Save and print the Module 3 Application PDF.

    2) Create a Word or text document for your response. Follow APA (6th edition) format for the paper and citations.

    3) Analyze actual behavior problems and guidance approaches in a setting where you know the children. Cases in which you are the adult providing the guidance will prove the most instructive.

  • Describe the behavioral problem situation.
  • Based on your knowledge of the children involved, state the probable cause
  • Describe the adult intervention that addresses the cause.
  • Describe the children’s response to the intervention
  • o If the approach was not helpful, was it unsuccessful because it did not address the actual cause or because one intervention was not enough?

    o If a different cause is suggested, plan and describe a different strategy for the next time.

  • Provide an analysis of the case supported by professional resources and theories.
  • 4) Create a title page and references page in APA (6th edition) format.

    5) Include introductory and concluding paragraphs.

    6) Follow the directions to submit your Word or text document.


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