Hedda gabler- intro to theater | Get Quick Solution

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Hedda gabler- intro to theater | Get Quick Solution
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In 3-5 pages, please answer the following questions. You may do them separately, one question per page, or you may combine them into a singular essay. Either is fine.

1. Why does Hedda marry George Tesman? Why does George marry Hedda? Do you think George believes Hedda loves him? Use critical thinking and evidence from the text.

2. Describe Hedda’s relationship to Thea. If you had to guess, where do you picture Thea Elvsted a few years after the end of this play?

3. Hedda makes a very strong decision at the end of the play. Without making any moral judgements of your own, consider HER character. Why does Hedda make this decision and is there symbolism in her method?


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