Hello I have speech i just would like some one write it for me something basic any easy | Get Quick Solution

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Hello I have speech i just would like some one write it for me something basic any easy | Get Quick Solution
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Purpose: This goal of this speech is for you to deliver a special occasion speech that entertains your audience. You can apply this skill at many events in your personal and professional life.

Task: In this 2-3—minute speech, you will select one type of special occasion speech from the following list and develop a speech that relates to that type:

  • Entertaining speech: tell a true or fictional story
  • Tribute speech: praise or celebrate a person, institution, event
  • Inspirational speech: uplift your audience using positive emotions
  • Toast: celebrate a newly married couple
  • Speech of presentation: present an award
  • Speech of acceptance: accept an award
  • Eulogy: memorialize someone at their funeral

Chapter 22 in your text contains more information about these types of speeches. Should you have any questions about a special occasion speech, please contact your instructor. No outline or visual aid is required for this speech.

A successful student will:

  • Select one type of special occasion speech and make sure your topic clearly and effectively addresses that type of special occasion speech.
  • Use proper elements of vocal and physical delivery, such as avoiding vocal fillers, pausing between thoughts, making direct eye contact, and having strong posture, among others.
  • Organize your speech well, including transitions and clearly developed main points.
  • Cite any sources you use verbally.
  • Not go over or under time.
  • Dress professionally.


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