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19th-century Liberalism Debate

Instructions: In this assignment, you will individually draft a one-paragraph letter. You will write from the point of view of an assigned identity.

The recipient of the letter is the new king. You have heard that this new ruler is putting in place a new government based on liberty. Thinking about the perspective of someone with this identity, consider the following questions as you write the letter. How do you view liberty? What are your demands for the new regime? What are your hopes and fears for the future?

Step 1. Post a response in which you write a one-paragraph letter to the king, explaining your opinion. State your identity at the bottom of the letter.

Step 2. Reply to the post of someone with a different identity, explaining whether you disagree or agree with them, and why.


  1. A group of demoiselles from the Ariege: Israa, Felwa, Aiden, Gregory, Yousef
  2. A staunchly Catholic member of the old nobility: Marina, Jenny, Shirley, Valeria, Paulo
  3. An association of Parisian liberals: Shire, Tam, Yared, Ronnie, Carlos


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