Help me write my report on “Consumer Behaviour” Unit | Browse Homework

Hi, I hope this finds you well. I need help to complete this assignment.
The assignment is about promoting nutrition food supplements or low-fat food products to customers in the Balkans. The country that you will have to write about is Albania.
NOTE that you need to send a draft (80% completion of the assignment) in 4 days, then you will have time to finalize the project within another 5-7 days.
In total there should be 5800 words max.. Otherwise, you can add more words in the “Appendix” part if you exceed the word limit. Note that words from “abstract, table of contents, references, and tables” won’t count.
Attached you will find files with instructions (please follow them step by step and evaluate them in the project). Note that you have to write at least 20 academic and proper references (from the year 2005 and above). Also, Harvard referencing

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Help me write my report on “Consumer Behaviour” Unit | Browse Homework
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