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1. Read this article:

2. Below, there is a summary of the article; however, it is not in the correct order. On a Word doc or Google doc, put these six sentences in the correct order.

Because trichotillomania is considered a health issue, doctors advised the patient to seek psychiatric support about the procedure.

Experts say the best prevention is early identification and behavior health intervention.

The US News article, “Health Buzz: This Woman Had Hairballs Surgically Removed,” by David Oliver informs readers about the rare condition of Rapunzel Syndrome.

A woman in Pakistan developed large hairballs in her stomach and intestines due to an issue with trichotillomania, which is uncontrollable hair pulling; they had to be surgically removed.

Trichotillomania is very rare, and people became aware of it through “Grey’s Anatomy,” a popular television show.

The woman had severe physical warning signs that prompted her to seek medical care.


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